• Key Change Agent
    of Digital Transformation
  • Intentional Focus on Value
    Through Cultural Transformation & Business Innovation

Holistyx is proud to offer a series of industry leading courses that will teach you how to do Digital Transformation like a pro.  To schedule a class just provide your contact info below.  And if you have 3 or more students ask about our volume discounts.  To learn more just provide your contact details below.

Course Description Time (hours)  Format Cost (per person)
Design Thinking – Human Centered Design Learn how industry leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft develop new products & Services. 3 Virtual $999
Horizon Driven Transformation Strategy This course show you how develop a Digital Strategy that changes your company focus to building the new versus fighting the old. 3 Virtual $999
Facilitation Provides the skills to lead a diverse group of stakeholders to a common achievable plan. 3 Virtual $999
Business Value Modeling Learn how to calculate the expected value of a new opportunity or initiative.  Covers costs, benefits and incorporating risk. 3 Virtual $999
Visual Storytelling This course covers turning a great idea into a visual story suitable for executive presentation. 3 Virtual $999