• Key Change Agent
    of Digital Transformation
  • Intentional Focus on Value
    Through Cultural Transformation & Business Innovation

The evolve stage of our 5E framework is a critical phase in ensuring that the client’s transformation journey stays on track and remains relevant to their evolving needs. In this stage, we assess progress and apply course correction measures as necessary. We help the client reassess their current state understanding, target state definition, and even their mission and vision of the transformation. We look to the North Star, the overarching goal that the client aims to achieve, and evaluate the transformation’s progress towards it.

To reassess the transformation’s progress, we use value tracking and management tools and techniques. We evaluate market conditions and the maturity of the transformation, looking for areas that may need improvement or additional focus. This stage may also involve updated technology discussions, a target state update, and reprioritizing the backlog to prepare for more change.

The outcome of the evolve stage is a set of deliverables that help the client keep their program relevant and updated to reflect changes. These deliverables include a value realization report, a corrected horizon of change plan, an updated vision statement and horizon model, and updated storyboards or vision demonstrators.

Overall, the evolve stage helps ensure that the client’s transformation journey stays aligned with their vision and goals, and remains flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. With the help of Holistyx, the client can continuously assess and evolve their transformation to achieve their desired outcomes.

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