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    of Digital Transformation
  • Intentional Focus on Value
    Through Cultural Transformation & Business Innovation

The evaluate stage is the second phase of the 5E framework, where the client’s transformation opportunity is examined through three different lenses: business viability, technical feasibility, and market/user desirability. The goal is to identify a prioritized backlog of initiatives tied to business value and a fully developed horizon of change.

To accomplish this, the team conducts business value analysis at multiple levels of detail, ending with a detailed transformation roadmap that highlights prioritized initiatives. This is achieved through a variety of activities, including business value workshops, total addressable market calculations, and high-level architectural design sessions.

The business value workshops involve working closely with the client to identify and prioritize potential initiatives based on their alignment with strategic goals and the value they bring to the organization. Total addressable market calculations are performed to understand the market opportunity for the initiatives and ensure that they are financially viable. The high-level architectural design sessions help to evaluate the technical feasibility of the initiatives and ensure that they align with the organization’s existing infrastructure and capabilities.

As a result of these activities, the team is able to develop a prioritized backlog of initiatives that are tied to business value and aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. A detailed transformation roadmap is also developed, which provides a comprehensive view of the initiatives and their timelines. This roadmap helps the client to visualize the journey of change and understand the milestones along the way.

Overall, the evaluate stage is a critical phase in the 5E framework, as it lays the foundation for the implementation phase. By examining the transformation opportunity through multiple lenses and developing a prioritized backlog of initiatives, the team ensures that the client is able to achieve maximum value from their transformation efforts.

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