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    of Digital Transformation
  • Intentional Focus on Value
    Through Cultural Transformation & Business Innovation

The enable stage is the third phase of the 5E framework, where the focus is on identifying the right stakeholders, enabling processes, and technologies needed to execute the transformation vision. The goal is to help the client make endowment decisions, allocate the necessary funds, and set up a Transformation Leadership Team (TLT) to lead the effort.

To achieve these outcomes, the team works closely with the client to develop unambiguous stakeholder maps, a strong business case, and a list of candidates that can be part of the TLT. A value-centric backlog is also developed to ensure that the right initiatives are prioritized and aligned with the transformation vision.

During this stage, the team engages in detailed architectural design sessions (ADS) and stakeholder management sessions to ensure that the transformation effort is aligned with the overall business strategy. Detailed business case development is also done to support the endowment decisions and provide a clear ROI for the transformation initiative. TLT staff identification and grooming of the backlog is also done to ensure that the right people are in place to execute the transformation initiatives.

In most cases, the team also helps the client set up the DevOps environment, which provides a streamlined approach to software development, testing, and deployment. This is done to ensure that the transformation initiatives are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

The outcome of the enable stage is a set of deliverables that include a clear stakeholder map, a strong business case, a list of candidates for the TLT, and a value-centric backlog. These deliverables enable the client to reach out to the right business sponsors and allocate the necessary funds to execute the transformation vision. The client is also prepared with mitigation plans for anticipated roadblocks and has a TLT in place to lead the transformation effort.

Overall, the enable stage provides the foundation for the next stage of the 5E framework, which is execute, where the transformation initiatives are actually implemented. The enable stage ensures that the client has the right people, processes, and technologies in place to execute the transformation vision and achieve the desired business outcomes.

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